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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Not much Boating

We have been suffering health problems this year. This has meant several visits to hospitals, nurses, doctors for both of us. This meant very little time away on the boat. We did, however, make it for Crick Boat Show. There was a problem when we attempted to fast track recommissioning of water, gas ect: The water pump seemed to have failed. After removing, stripping it and then a clean and rebuild it was replaced and tried again. Still no water. Then a flash of inspiration -- Turn on the Water tank valve after the winter shut down! Success. Well, blame it on old age.
So hot at the show. We bought a large parasol for shade and a genny for power. I tried to do some maintenance on the boat. This visit is against the doctors orders and working caused the pains to return therefore an enforced rest was demanded. Blast.

After some resting work recommenced. Scraping the roof and applying rust treatment. However I could not manage the effort required. Then the engine began leaking oil. I gave in and phoned for help from engineer Colin Rowe. He found the oil filter was adrift. Health problems curtailed our visit and we did not return until September to work on the roof. So little time at the boat and no cruising. We looked at her on 22nd of June on our way to Brighton. A summer of tests, pain and breathing troubles, lack of energy. Very depressing.
We recovered in Brighton, Shoreham and Saltdean. A real boost from good family looking after us. Managed quite a bit of dog walking on the south downs. Puffed and panted a bit, but managed. Returned home 9th July.
Fitter, we tackled the weeds in the garden and planted lettuce and herbs. Then on to clearing out the garage. Two skip loads later there is still more to do. The family worked really hard assisting reducing the hoard of accummalated junk.

On 16th of August we went to the lake district for a family weekend. What a superb time was enjoyed by all. BBQ, walking, egg throwing and talking, talking, talking.

Back home more maintenance then off to the boat to complete the roof painting. The dash board has collapsed so add that to the worklist.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

South Coast

We are house sitting this month and looking after a cat. The weather has gone through all seasons the last couple of weeks. The sea has been flat calm with sails racing around buoys, today really rough.
Snow disrupted traffic throughout the counties on Monday. It took three hours to travel twelve miles with a slide on ice that turned the car 180 degrees at one mile an hour down hill.
We managed a walk of two and a half hours with the dog on Shoreham Beach in sunshine on Wednesday. Newhaven provided us with some lovely fish for a fish pie on Friday.
Today is too wet and windy to go on the south downs walking. Instead travel around the world with a good book. "Four Cheeks To The Wind" by Mary Bryant. Much warmer, nice and dry but the wind is blowing very hard.

Saltdean, Sussex.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A year out in 2012

I thought it time to bring the blog up to date. We did not update for 2012.


We booked travelodge during their winter sale to travel around the country to explore. We set off on New years day for the south coast. Began in Brighton then worked our way west. Arrived Plymouth on the 9th.
We popped back to nbJubilee on the 12th. slept overnight on the boat and carried on to Yorkshire the following day.


!st. to Oswestry leaving on the 4th.Whilst there we went to Chirk and Llangollen. On to Oxford for a few days and a family get together and party time. We then went back down south to Shoreham until 21st. and up north to Blackpool on the 24th. for  a sisterly meet or Coven gathering as it is known. Saturday went around Blackpool, Fleetwood and St. Annes and Party saturday evening. Weatherspoons on sunday. Back home 27th.


1st. Walking in Melton woods.
4th. Travelodge Amesbury and visited Stonehenge. Weatherspoons Salisbury in the evening.
Following day on to Wood Henge Devises and on to the lock flight Caen hill. Carried on to Sarum castle and airport on the 6th. A good walk. Onwards to Winchester, High Cliffe on Sea and Boscombe down, but no experimental aircraft to be seen.
15th. grand daughter Lucy had bring and buy sale at school. Rest of month mostly DIY stuff at home.


 Purchased a new bedhead, and a set of interior doors on the 28th.


2nd. Off to Gosforth. View Angel of the North and on to Whitley Bay. Following day Beamish museum and Hadrians wall. On to Shildon railway museum, hamsterley moor and high force, Hartleypool and South Shields. Whoo!
Daughter and Husband Russ with dog arrived 6th.
Fitting doors, furniture, painting for a couple of weeks before :-
26th. Crick Boat Show for a few days. Bought a generator, bloody noisy smelly thing.
28th. Another family get together in Monmouth and back to Crick. Weather changed from excellent to very wet.


Queens Jubilee on TV. Wet too.
left Crick on the 6th. after lunch at the Red Lion. 15th. Onwards to the Norfolk Broads. Acle first, followed by Lowestoft and Capel St. Mary.
Checked my old boat in Wayford Bridge, what a state it is in. What to do with her?
Went to various museums, Halesworth, Suffolk and Norfolk Aviation Centre and Bungay. Carried on to Trolley and Tram museum. Culture called and we sought out Constable country. Flatford mill and dry dock. Walked along side the River Stour where the Captain fell and damaged her leg and wrist and a visit to the minor injuries unit at Clacton on Sea.
16th. Home and family to stay. Ate at The Mill at Scawsby.
19th. Hospital visit for Xrays and missed Braunston Historic Rally. Rest of the month both of us hospital visits, fracture clinic etc.  My tests all clear, Captains break plastered.


2nd Wedding anniversary and Marr Lodge for celebratory meal. 46 years married, 49 years together.
8th. Back down to Shoreham. Son in law purchased another car 14th. I had puncture on 16th. due to visit to the tip after garden clearance duties.
17th. More doctors appointments for both. A lengthy period of treatment follows for both of us for months and months. Tests through August too.
22nd. At last went to Jubilee. Set off 4.30pm towards North Kilworth. Saw an otter swimming and a heron fishing. Next day we watched a vole swimming around the boat. How lucky to view these rare sights.
24th. Foxton locks, hard work and hot. Winding paddles, the captain struggled with one arm in plaster. She got an earful for leaving a paddle slightly open when moving to the next one. Oops, sorry. Dined at Black Bull on Harbro arm.Little shop here for supplies. Moored Grand Union Canal moorings. Harborough Basin full. Next day went on to bridge 73, moored and walked to Freckley. Enjoyed a long conversation with the farmer into the evening. Walked the fields and permitted paths.
26th. Set off 10.30am after a good breakfast. Winded at bridge 81. Walked to Newton Harcourt, a pretty village. Returned to Fleckley, where the captain put a foot in the water descending using arm in pot and low sugar levels. Late arrival 8.00pm
27th. Cruised on and moored in a quiet spot. No signal for phone and Satellite dish obscured so no TV. Batteries low too stangely after plenty of running. Trimmed the vegetation and picked litter. Thats better.
28th. Stayed put, rested and soaked up the sun. No Radio, or TV.
29th. moved to Foxton and lunch at Bridge 61 pub. Did Foxton Flight and cruised to a quiet spot. Next day rained heavily. Stayed put until 5.30pm. During the afternoon Ifor and Lee (nbAbigailJenna) stopped by and we enjoyed a natter and cuppa. When rain stopped we moved to the Welford Arm at 8.00pm.
31st. Raining hard but we carried on to Crick. three and a half hours. Supplies from Crick Co-op.
Started rubbing down the roof for a repaint between showers.


1st. and 2nd. More work on the roof.
3rd Home. Washed car, weeded garden, cut grass. Only three times this year, tut tut. Climbed into a hot bath with a whisky.
4th. Shopping, library and minor injury unit Penicillin and Tetanus injection, redress leg for captain.
5th. Gardening again. Trip to Ambleside cancelled.
6th. Went to St. Annes after another trip to A and E for new dressings. Stayed in Ashton Court.
7th. Took mother out in morning. Afternoon visited sister in Bispham and her daughter.
8th. Breakfast in the square, went home via Ilkley.
9th. Doctors again.
10th. Fracture clinic, pot off.
20th. Went back to Crick. Lunch at Red lion. Set off and moor at bridge 30.
21st. Washed boat, polished brass, painted chimney and stove. Doctor phoned with lung results, need Asma puffer.
22nd. Returned to Crick.
23rd More cleaning and back home.
24th. Physio and redress leg. Shopping.
28th Hospital.
30th. Back to Jubilee with Ex work colleagues. Gareth, Leanna and Phil. Sausage sandwiches all round. Gareth despite safety talk and warning tries to fend boat off a bridge hole side with his shoulder. Bridge and boat won and beat him.
31st. Bits and bats on boats. Mostly talking and drinking with fellow moorers.


2nd Returned home after watching F1 Belgian GP.

6th. Doncaster Air Museum.

Rest of month- Lots of doctor stuff, various.

11th.  Lunch at Red Lion. Off to bridge 27.
12th. Lunch at Welford. Up to Foxton bridge 60 and winded. Wet but waterproofs worked well. Saw Robin, Heron and two leaping fish.
13th. Up early, walked to Foxton locks. Ice cream and return to boat. Set off at 11.00am. Moored bridge 38.
14th. Walked, photos of Kingfishers. Cleaning, quiet day.
15th. lazy morning. Walked, more photos Kingfisher. Set off after lunch. Back to Crick.
16th. Home again.More doctor stuff, leg attention. Train into town for hair dresser for Captain.
21st. Blood Donor.
24th. Back for Jubilee Dry Dock.
25th.Blacking and new anodes. Stern Gland repacked.Home


1st.Went back to Jubilee.
2nd. Crewed Johan through Watford and down to Wilton. Late return to boat.
3rd. Wilton Chandlery for Paints.
$th. CB Boats Engine Service.
7th. Home after FI GP.
11th. Funeral of good friend Barry Barton.
12th. Daughter, husband and dog arrived for a stay.
13th. Captain and Daughter shopping. Chaps around car showrooms.

More doctor stuff.

25th. Jubilee again. Very cold. Stove glowing. Webasto still not working yet again.
a few days maintenance, and painting. Not warm enough for painting, but hell.
30th. Home again.


1st. Blackpool again.
Meeting of the sisters coven. Meal at Italian Bispham.
5th. Went to High Wrea Ambleside and then back home.
6th. Flu Jab at Skellow Hall.
8th. Down south to Shoreham, Tea at Teddies. Shepherds Pie by Russ that evening.
9th. Met Matt and Russ Harvesters pub Brighton Marina. A terrible meal, never again.
10th. Brighton Laines for shopping.
12th. Portsmouth for the day. Dined at Slug and lettuce.
13th. Worthing for day. Southwick too. On to Gay and Peter Saltdene.
14th. Eastbourne on 12 bus.
15th. Met Matt Churchill Square Xmas shopping.
16th. My birthday, lunch Kemp town Little Miss Piggy. Steak for evening meal.
17th. Walk Shoreham Harbour. Graham, Sarah, Lucy and Maisie came from London.
19th. Home via Jubilee.
30th. Spec Savers for both of us. Dined Red Lion Doncaster Market. Visited New Civic Centre.


1st. Maplin Electronic store. Arrange leaving meet with staff for Zoe leaving do. Behaved this time. At my leaving do I arrived home at 2.00am in a police car. Oops again.
7th. Specs Savers for new glasses.
13th. Blackpool again. Tram ride to Tower. Looked at the comedy carpet on the promenade. Picked Joan up and went to Pat and Davids.
14th.Saw nativity at St. Cuthberts and dined at Golden Eagle.
15th. Saw Julia and Taw in St. Annes. Went to the county Lytham for lunch. Evening with Kathy, Steve, Jake, Pat and David.
16th. Viewed Flat at the Miners Home Bispham. A lovely place to live. Went to FreePort Fleetwood.
18th. Home once more.
26th. Christmas lunch in Wilmslow at Petes. Big, Big family do and spectacular.

And that was the year in brief. Missed out some stuff due to personal content or memory and old age.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


We enjoyed a few days in Somerset. Based at Travelodge Ilminster. We took a look at the remains of Chard Canal. The museum was closed for the winter period. We went onto Taunton and Bridgewater at Maunsel. Some good walks around here. The centre of the universe and the planets laid out on one walk. The children have Mister Men book figures to discover. We purchased some gifts from Perrys Cider and viewed the museum. The local village, Dowlish Wake, is one not to be missed.
We toured Bath and its Golden Stone buildings. The bridges and Dundas aquaduct  were worth a visit and the remains of the Somerset coal canal. Onward to Bradford on Avon, Then Rowde Devizes and Caen Hill Lock Flight.

 We went into Devon to Lyme Regis, Axemouth and Seaton. Before heading up the Fosse Way towards home.
                                 Caen Hill.

                                         Moonrake Lock

                                                  Cottage at Lyme Regis

                                         Perrys Cider Mill.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Saltisford and Hatton Lock Flight.

We have enjoyed a weekend touring Warwickshire. The museum in Warwick market place is well worth a visit. Social History, Huge Stuffed Bear, Coins, Fossils, A Stag Skeleton, roman remains, paintings and more. The Saltisford Canal Basin jam packed. Lovely Gardens Too. 

Leamington Spa has plenty to offer as well. The main Regency Parade held a Christmas Fair, lots to enjoy. Hatton Lock Flight, The Stairway to Heavon some said! 21 locks and heartache some may add. Lock 2 cafe worth a visit. The Waterman Pub was not allowed the captain stated.

We finished off with a visit to Stratford and Bancroft Basin.