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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Not much Boating

We have been suffering health problems this year. This has meant several visits to hospitals, nurses, doctors for both of us. This meant very little time away on the boat. We did, however, make it for Crick Boat Show. There was a problem when we attempted to fast track recommissioning of water, gas ect: The water pump seemed to have failed. After removing, stripping it and then a clean and rebuild it was replaced and tried again. Still no water. Then a flash of inspiration -- Turn on the Water tank valve after the winter shut down! Success. Well, blame it on old age.
So hot at the show. We bought a large parasol for shade and a genny for power. I tried to do some maintenance on the boat. This visit is against the doctors orders and working caused the pains to return therefore an enforced rest was demanded. Blast.

After some resting work recommenced. Scraping the roof and applying rust treatment. However I could not manage the effort required. Then the engine began leaking oil. I gave in and phoned for help from engineer Colin Rowe. He found the oil filter was adrift. Health problems curtailed our visit and we did not return until September to work on the roof. So little time at the boat and no cruising. We looked at her on 22nd of June on our way to Brighton. A summer of tests, pain and breathing troubles, lack of energy. Very depressing.
We recovered in Brighton, Shoreham and Saltdean. A real boost from good family looking after us. Managed quite a bit of dog walking on the south downs. Puffed and panted a bit, but managed. Returned home 9th July.
Fitter, we tackled the weeds in the garden and planted lettuce and herbs. Then on to clearing out the garage. Two skip loads later there is still more to do. The family worked really hard assisting reducing the hoard of accummalated junk.

On 16th of August we went to the lake district for a family weekend. What a superb time was enjoyed by all. BBQ, walking, egg throwing and talking, talking, talking.

Back home more maintenance then off to the boat to complete the roof painting. The dash board has collapsed so add that to the worklist.

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